About Your Money & Your Life

- July 14, 2021 2 MIN READ

Your Money & Your Life is dedicated to helping Australians feel more confident about managing their money and building wealth for themselves and their families. Because let’s face it, most of us don’t know what we’re doing when it comes to money, let alone setting ourselves up for a solid future.

So that’s what we’re doing here, bringing together pearls of wisdom from some of the best minds in the money game to help you get a better understanding of how things work, what you need to do to get your money in a good spot, and how to start building proper wealth.

And we’re gonna do it in a way that makes you actually want to learn – no confusing crap and fancy acronyms. Just good quality info from good people, and we may as well have a good time while doing it! Led by David Koch along with a handpicked bunch of money legends, we’re here to make sense of what can be a very confusing part of life.

“Too many people are scared of making the wrong decision when it comes to their money, because the reality is we’re not taught the basics of money and how to make good decisions. We’re here to make it fun, make it interesting, and get people excited about their money”

David Koch

So what are we doing?

Well we kicked things off with a TV show that has run on Channel 7 – you can catch up with all the episodes here where we covered a lot of fascinating ground, from first-home buying to sharemarket stars, getting the low down on credit scores and all the way to the bottom on what cryptocurrency is all about.

This website will be a daily source of news, info, and advice from all sorts of people, covering things like property, savings and budgeting, managing household finances, dealing with credit, sorting out your super, and getting into investing.

And to top it all off we’ve got a weekly newsletter from the big guy himself! Kochie shares his thoughts on the week’s news and what it means for you – it’s a goldmine and no to be missed… you can sign up here.

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