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How to spend less on socialising so you can do more of it

- December 8, 2021 2 MIN READ
Spend less on socialising with these hot tips

Do you love to socialise but find catching up is burning a hole in your wallet and your future savings? Here’s how you can spend less on socialising, so you can do more of it!

We love to catch up with mates at the latest bar as much as the next person, but adopting a savvier social approach will save you dollars without having to sit at home alone.

1. Social clubs with colleagues

Join your work’s social group. Many places have a formal or informal social club where you get to meet new people and take part in different activities.

If your work doesn’t have one, why not suggest one or create an informal group yourself? Whether you create a football team or a book club, it’ll bring more like minded people together for virtually nothing!

2. Cash in on cheaper days

Simply make a list of things you want to do or places you want to go to and see when the cheapest day is to do them. Check for the ‘cheap’ day at your favourite takeaway or restaurant. Most have one.

Be adventurous and look out for more unique things too like rock climbing – some places will even give you a free trial or a cheap introductory period too.

The faithful Cheap Tuesday at the movies is also great way to start the week, increases your savings and gives you more cash for popcorn.

3. Budget bars

If you’re on a budget, then catching up with mates at a Uni bar or during Happy Hour is cheap and cheerful way to get together (and feel nostalgic too!).

Bonus tip: there’s often cheap food deals to go with the cheap booze. Like $2 taco Tuesday or daily specials where you can get a chicken parmi for 10 bucks. Fill up with friends and your savings will thank you too.

4. Cash in on coupons

Did you know that the Entertainment book gives you  hundreds of discounts on everything from car washes, to donuts and skydiving?

And every time you purchase one, you’re giving to a good cause too (often your local school or a charity like The Smith Family or the Cancer Council).

Buy a book or digital subscription today because it’s such an easy way to spend less on socialising. Don’t be shy in using it and keep coupons in your wallet – the digital version is even easier with the ‘vouchers’ in your pocket at all times on your phone. Remember, you don’t need to always pay full price!

5. Groupon that experience

With so many discount websites around like Groupon, you literally never need to pay full price again. Find an activity you want to do, read the small print and bulk buy your fun! It’ll give you variety, keep life interesting and will cost much less than it would have.

6. Freebie fun

If you’ve got good friends, having fun doesn’t have to cost much at all. If the weather’s great, why not pack a picnic and head to the beach or nearest park? Or on those cold, wet winter’s nights, take it in turns to host a movie night and BYO snacks!

So now you’re socially savvy with your spending, you should see your social life and your savings soar!