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Save $10,000 with the 52-week savings challenge

- December 29, 2021 2 MIN READ
Save $10000 with this 52 week savings challenge

Reckon you can’t save $10,000 this year? This 52-week savings challenge knows you can.

There are so many reasons to save $10,000 by the end of the year. You might be saving towards your first home deposit, paying off a debt, going on a holiday, growing your super balance, or even taking your first leap into overseas investing.

Whatever your goal, the 52-week savings challenge wants you to achieve it.

Click the picture to print your savings challenge chart:

52-week savings challenge

Click on the image to download the chart.

Saving made simple

That’s why the challenge is so simple. Print out the chart, then all you have to do is save each of the amounts in the boxes by the end of the year.

It doesn’t matter what order you save in, or even if you save a couple of amounts one week and none the next. You’re completely in charge.

As you put each amount towards your savings goal, you simply colour in the box. All those colours will soon see you motivated to keep saving until you reach your goal.

Save yourself

The boxes are listed smallest amount to largest, but you shouldn’t save in that order. Rather, pick a box, any box each week and go for the amount.

Try not to ‘cheat’ the 52-week savings challenge by saving the small amounts first. You’ll only cheat yourself. Later in the year when the amounts get bigger, you’ll really kick yourself if you haven’t allowed for a ‘breather’ week. That’s a week where all you have to do is save $10 or $20 to keep on track.

Instead, try to be as random as possible and challenge yourself to go for the bigger amounts first. That way, the money will be in your account (hopefully accruing some interest) and you won’t be tempted to spend them.

Go for it

If you’ve got more than one savings goal, print more than one chart! It will be a real challenge, but if you save a smaller amount towards one goal one week and a larger amount towards another, you can make it work.

It couldn’t be easier to set your $10K goal and work towards it bit by bit.

Print the chart out now and get it up on the fridge, ready for week one of the new year!