What does it take to make us feel rich?
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What it takes to make us feel rich

- January 21, 2022 3 MIN READ

The average Aussie says they would need to earn a far higher salary than the average wage to feel rich. What’s behind this unattainable aspiration? According to new research from comparison site Finder, the average Aussie says they would need to earn a far higher salary than the average wage to feel rich. A survey… Read more »

Passive income ideas Australia
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10 passive income ideas to up your game in 2022

- January 18, 2022 5 MIN READ

Sit back and watch your money grow with these clever passive income ideas that will diversity your income without taking up your time. Passive income is the key to taking back your time and growing your money. It’s basically another income stream that doesn’t require your time on an ongoing basis. So while you may… Read more »

30 ways to make both environment and money savings
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30 ways going green is good for the green

- January 12, 2022 9 MIN READ

Turns out that saving the environment and money are one and the same. Living a more sustainable lifestyle often means going back to basics. Doing things ‘the way grandma did them’ is good for the planet, and it turns out it’s good for your savings as well. That’s because making the eco-friendly choice to reuse,… Read more »

Boxing Day sales tips

Gloves off: How to make the most of the Boxing Day sales

- December 21, 2021 3 MIN READ

Getting amongst the crowds at the Boxing Day sales is almost as traditional as Christmas itself. Boxing Day as a day-after-Christmas holiday started in the UK and its origins are debated. The most likely reason the holiday started as ‘boxing day’ was to honour servants and errand boys. Traditionally, the day after Christmas was the… Read more »

Your super plan for the new year
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Make a super plan for the new year

- December 17, 2021 4 MIN READ

Keep ignoring your superannuation and you’ll most likely lose out. Instead, put a decent super plan into place and really optimise your nest egg. UniSuper opened its doors to everyone in July this year. The fund has been exclusive to the higher education and research sector for over 40 years to great acclaim, and now… Read more »