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10 free grocery apps that will save you money at the supermarket

- April 6, 2022 4 MIN READ
Free grocery apps to save you money in Australia

If you’re not shopping using one of these free grocery apps, you’re missing out on some big weekly savings.

Right now, grocery bills across Australia are sky-rocketing. It’s obvious when you’re at the shops and capsicums are $14.50 a kilo. At the checkout my own weekly shop has risen almost $100 since this time last year.

Inflation feels very real when you’re forking out that much extra each and every week. Wages haven’t risen to meet our everyday costs, so most Aussies are really feeling the sting.

Last year inflation grew by 3.8 per cent, compared with just 1.7 per cent for wages. It’s a trend that’s continued so far this year, with inflation growing 1.25 percentage points faster than wages.

To save money, it’s time to put a lid on the amount you spend on groceries before the weekly budget boils over. These free grocery apps will all help you save, one way or another. Download one or two and see how you go.

The best free grocery apps in Australia


SmartCart claims to save the average shopper $32.42 per week – which is $1,685.84 per year.

You input your shopping list and the app will compare your shop at Woolworths and Coles. The app applies any discount codes automatically (eg. Everyday Rewards or FlyBuys). They’ll then move your cart over to the cheaper grocery stores online shopping interface, making it super easy for you to arrange home delivery. You can also elect to shop in-store.

The savings go beyond the supermarket, though. Unlike other free grocery apps in this list, SmartCart works across other stores like JB Hi-Fi, Amazon, David Jones, The Iconic and eBay. You can input the product you are looking to buy, and it will find you the best deal from participating stores.


Frugl offers up-to-the-minute pricing and specials across each of the major supermarkets – Coles, Woolworths, ALDI, IGA.

You simply input this week’s shopping list and Frugl will tell you where it’s cheapest to fill your list. There’s also a food allergen and dietary requirements feature that will filter out products you need to avoid. You can also input nutritional requirements like low sugar or fat to help you put together a healthier shopping list.


Another Coles and Woolies comparison app, WiseList shows you which of the stores has the lowest price on each item on your shopping list. You can then either take your app into each of the stores to buy from your list (tedious), or order from both stores directly in the app and get your order delivered (great!).

Delivery is done via a local ‘personal shopper’ who shops and delivers your order. You pay a flat delivery fee for this service (calculated based on time of day and distance from the store) on top of the service fee charged for shopping though WiseList (which is 5 per cent of your total bill).

This all sounds expensive, but testimonials on the site indicate that your savings cover these costs and then some.

The app also helps you meal plan using their substantial in-built recipe collection. Meal planning is an excellent way to save money on your groceries, so that’s an added bonus.

Half Price

A quick and easy app that lists all of the 50 per cent off specials at Coles and Woolworths. Liquorland and BWS half price specials are also included.

The best way to use this money saving app is to build up a list of products you regularly buy, then check the list before you do your weekly shop. If one of your regular items is half-price, budget to buy it up in bulk.

15 simple ways to save stacks on your groceries


Same, same grocery app that compares the price of your shopping basket at the two major supermarkets. It was originally created as a barcode scanner to check nutritional values on packaged goods. You can also import your favourite meals from recipe sites like Taste and add the ingredients to your list.

Another thing that sets ShopJam apart from other free grocery apps is that it lists the aisle locations at each of the supermarkets. This makes it super easy to locate your bargains when you head into the store to shop. You can also share your list with family and friends – a bonus if you’re shopping for your nan or your COVID-cancelled friend.


Shopfully was one of the first free grocery apps available in Australia. The app curates all of the catalogues for major stores like Coles, Woolies, IGA, Officeworks, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, BigW, Bob Jane, Bunnings and more. Actually, it’s hard to find a brand that’s not on this app.

You can check what’s on special nearby and shop accordingly. There’s also a feature where you can input your favourite retailers and get a jump on what catalogue specials they have coming up. The app will send you a notification when a new catalogue is uploaded.


GroceryGetter is another of the apps that gives you a direct comparison between supermarkets, but this one has ALDI as well as Coles and Woolies. Enter your postcode, input your shopping list and the app will tell you where it’s cheaper to shop. If you’re in Sydney, you can also arrange for delivery directly through the app.

Store apps

If you don’t really have the option of shopping at a different supermarket each week to chase specials, get the store app for your local supermarket. While you won’t be able to compare prices, you will be able to take advantage of specials, points and in-app discounts.


Create shopping lists and search for specials via the Coles app. You can also link your FlyBuys to keep an eye on points and offers.


Never miss one of ALDI’s famous middle-of-the-aisle specials with their app in your pocket. Weekly specials, reminders and a shopping list feature make shopping at ALDI even cheaper.

Incidentally, ALDI came up trumps in our supermarket comparison challenge – find out how to benefit from that here: Try the Discount Grocery Challenge to save money all year

Woolworths and Everyday Rewards

The Woolworths app makes it easy to create your shopping list and track specials. If your local shop offers it, you can also use the app like a barcode scanner and go straight through the checkout via Scan&Go.

Sign up for their Everyday Rewards program and get the app to make it easy. There’s a ‘boost’ feature in the app that switches on special points for certain items that you won’t get without boosting. You’ll also get 10 points for every dollar you spend at Woolworths and points for shopping with participating partners like BWS, BigW, Caltex and Origin Energy. Points translate into dollars off your shopping and they can add up nicely. Opt to ‘bank’ your earned dollars to spend at Christmas for a welcome bonus in December.