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Ask Kochie: How do I know which is a good superannuation fund or home loan to be with?

- February 26, 2020 2 MIN READ

Did you miss this week’s Facebook Live session with David Koch? Watch the segment now as he gives a rundown on this week’s economic updates and answers questions from his audience on Facebook.

Questions answered this week:

1. What’s your advice on keeping up to date with the various awards and any changes to hourly rates and obligations?
2.  How do I know which is a good superannuation fund to be with?
3. I would like to purchase a new car for my business – but I need finance – what are my options? Is leasing a good idea?
4. Should I be worried about my super with the Coronavirus. I’m nervous
5. What should I look for while choosing the best bank accounts for kids aged 13 and 10 years?
6. I’m returning to uni full time without work. What should I do with my super, if anything?
7. I always thought the most important thing in a home loan was the interest rate. But now I’m reading all these things about the ‘structure’ of the home loan. What does that mean and what factors should I look at while choosing my first home loan?
8. I just had a baby and am wondering if I should get life insurance. I’m only 29 and in quite good health at the moment so I’ve never really thought about it before. Is it worth taking on that extra expense?
9. My employer has given me the option to restructure my salary in a way that they put in more money in my super and less in hand – is that a good option? I don’t have any debt but I’m planning to buy a home.
10. I’ve saved up for a down payment but the Sydney property market is so expensive. Should I wait or is the property market always going to be like this?
11. I’m a freelancer and am having trouble getting my invoices paid on time. I work for this company on a regular basis but they always pay me more than 30 days past due. I already send reminders and follow up with calls.
12. Is it true I can no longer expense Ubers? A lot of our staff take Ubers for work.
Watch the segment:

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