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Ask Kochie: How does the Job Keeper scheme work?

- March 31, 2020 2 MIN READ

Did you miss the last Facebook Live session with David Koch? Watch the segment now as he gives a rundown on the latest economic updates, government announcements, and answers questions from his audience on Facebook.

Questions answered in this Facebook Live with David Koch:

1. How does the Job Keeper scheme work?

2. I run a business and have a sub-contractor whom I’ve had full time for two years and I have to pay his super guarantee because he is seen as an employee will we be eligible for the job keeper?
3. My son who has been working at this place for over 12 months, has been stood down, even though the business is still operating. He was on a casual contract and he still lives at home. He has been told he does not qualify for the job keeper package, is that true?
4. Regarding the stimulus 2 package and the minimum $20k grant, I have heard that a company that is registered for PAYG withholding but has not paid any wages because it is a startup is still eligible to receive the package ($10k credit on APR-JUN BAS + another $10k credit on JUL-SEPT BAS). Is this is correct?
5. I’ve gone from working full time for four years in January from changing jobs to casual. Now due to Covid-19 my place of employment has closed temporarily and I have no work. What relief package can I apply for?
6. What if my self employed spouse who works as a freelance photo editor loses all her work over this next month yet I am still working in emergency services? We currently do not get any parental benefits or other assistance from the government. We are feeling it but not as much as those who have lost their jobs. Are we entitled to anything as yet?
7. With regard to commercial and residential rents, can you explain the mandatory rules on evictions where do we get the money to pay mortgages?
8. How do you calculate the sole trader income loss?
9. What is the government going to do about all this lost super?
10. Does anything in the package help farmers ? We are about to go seeding and all our input costs have increased as a result of this situation.

Watch the segment:


**Given the current global climate, we realise many of you have a lot of questions about personal and business finance. And that’s why, we’re going to be running more frequent Facebook Live sessions in the coming weeks. Follow our Facebook Page for constant updates. Drop your questions and feedback in the comments section below and we’ll answer them next time we go live.