Best money quotes
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20 of the best money quotes about real wealth

- February 16, 2022 2 MIN READ

These are the best money quotes I’ve heard to inspire you along your road to building true wealth. Sometimes that road feels longer than the Nullarbor, and probably just as rough. Growing your wealth takes patience and consistency and there are many trip hazards along the way. It’s so tempting to spend your money on… Read more »

Give up on active investing
Your Money

5 reasons to give up on active investing

- January 21, 2022 4 MIN READ

Active investing means aiming to get a higher return than the market index, and here’s why Dave Rae isn’t a fan. We all want to be better than average, it makes us feel smarter. Who hasn’t been enticed by a big glossy ad from a fund manager showing their amazing outperformance over the previous one… Read more »

Future You wants you to save more
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Future You wants you to save more

- December 2, 2021 2 MIN READ

The problem is we value rewards today more than rewards in the future. But Future You wants you to rethink that strategy ASAP. Since having kids, I’ve found it hard to imagine the future. When they were babies, it was difficult to imagine what it would be like with toddlers. Once they became toddlers, I… Read more »

Stop doing stupid shit with money
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Stop doing stupid shit with your money

- October 7, 2021 4 MIN READ

Financial planner Dave Ray acknowledges that we all do ‘stupid shit’ with money. He shares his own list and wonders what you’d put on yours… We all do dumb stuff with our money. Even when we understand the mistakes we should avoid, we still make them. This list is compiled not just from what I… Read more »