How to find out what you’re entitled to from the coronavirus stimulus package

- March 26, 2020 < 1 MIN READ

Having trouble wrapping your head around what you’re entitled to from the coronavirus stimulus package – this new website could help.

The site has been launched by a Central Coast local who was having difficulties navigating the support schemes set up by the federal and state government to help small businesses affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Now individuals and businesses will be able to locate and easily sort through all applicable support packages offered by the government to help ease financial pressures and better navigate the tough times ahead.

The brains behind the site is Troy Toennfeldt, GM of Increaseo. After hearing some of the difficulties expressed by his clients, colleagues, friends and family while trying to locate stimulus package information, Roenneldt decided to take the initiative.

“I was struggling to find all the information on stimulus packages that was relevant to my business and I realised others were likely to be in the same boat,” Roennfeldt explained.

“Our team decided to build a resource that brought all the information together into one place as well as provide information about other critical support services and innovative solutions that are critical at this moment in time.”

The Increaseo team have collated all the information from across state and federal websites to make it simple to discover what you and your business are entitled to in terms of support.

Roennfeldt said he and his team are currently working on also including info from social services and support sites to provide a one-stop- shop for small business owners struggling with navigating life in the times of COVID-19.

You can check out the site at

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