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Kochie’s 11 Step Money Plan For A Better Life: This Really Made My Day

- October 15, 2019 2 MIN READ

During the week I received this email from a reader. I’ve masked a couple of the companies to maintain privacy.

I love hearing stories like this. Thank you.

Hi Kochie,

I really felt I should send you an email to thank you for all your help! 

My mother-in-law gave me your book at Christmas time (Kochie’s 11 Step Money Plan For A Better Life) when I was on Maternity leave, but I didn’t touch it until last month when the struggles really started. 

For 10 years we lived The Two Incomes No Kids life and never thought we could save. Our money went all on travelling and living the moment. Stupid!

Now our baby is 15 months old, I am back at work part time, but ends are not meeting easily. Your book has helped me enormously, when it comes to finance, it all seems obvious, but you don’t think of it, until someone tells you.

This is what I have already managed to change after reading your book:

. Renegotiate our mortgage from fix rate to variable, interest rates changed from 4.5% to 3.3%.

. We had 2 Credit Cards with the bank, paying a total of $440 on annual fees, plus $110 twice for Frequent Flyer program. I reduced to one card and changed to Qantas Money Credit Card, which means no Frequent Flyer program charge and with a $199 annual fee on the first year then $299 after.

. I applied and got 64% Gov subsidy for my baby’s daycare.

. I changed my car insurance from XXXX for $1300 a year to XXXX for $727 a year.

. I had a little personal loan of $6000 that I was paying 13.95%, I asked the bank to incorporate that to the mortgage at 3.3%, but will pay that in full when my taxes come back in two weeks.

. I have a little account for my baby where we put $100 per week since he was born, I set up that account to be an off set of our mortgage, I didn’t know we could do that.

. I found out, my employer has a Benefit scheme where we get discounts in various business. We can get 5% at Woolies, so I have already used this for our groceries this month, not to mention, I have saved a lot in groceries by applying some of your groceries tips.

. We’ve rented a room downstairs to my husband’s niece, she is doing uni and needed a cheap place to stay.

. there is only one energy provider in our town, so we have to stick with them, but we have changed some habits around electricity and hopefully will see some saving. 

. Telstra tried to charge me 21 times $10 for excess data, totalling $221, I called them and complained about the charges as they should have offered me a better plan, if not, I would swap providers. The charges were cancelled.

Thank you so, so much for helping everyday Australians to get their finance in order, your work is amazing.

If you want to know more about my 11-step Money Plan, order your copy of the book now.