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Last minute gift options that won’t cost you much

- December 16, 2021 3 MIN READ
Last minute gift ideas

Budget-friendly last minute gift ideas that don’t smack of ‘forgot about you, take these chocolates’.

Everyone knows the thought only counts if it’s a good thought. Giving someone a candle or a bottle of wine is nice, but it’s not a good thought. It’s a ‘whoops I forgot to get you a present so here’s a box of chocolates’ thought.

You can give great last minute gifts without seeming like you bought them at the servo on the way to the event. Have a stash of these budget-friendly beauties in a drawer at home and select the one you think best suits your friend.

Last minute gift ideas

Under $15

Vegemite toast earrings – $11.25

Is there a woman alive who wouldn’t want to wear Vegemite toast earrings? Didn’t think so.

100 Body Weight Workout Challenges cards – $12.99

Just the thing for anyone who’s going for the old ‘get fit’ new year’s resolution.

Under $20

Se  of two cute cat leather cord organisers – $19.95

Cable organisers are especially appreciated by tweens, teens and anyone who is sick of cords getting tangled in their bag. If your gift isn’t too ‘last minute’, you can get the cord organisers custom stamped with their initials. To keep this gift on hand in your gift drawer, obviously don’t do that.

Australian bush scented candle – $21.95

Now, I know I dissed candles as gifts, but this isn’t just any candle. It’s 100% soy wax, hand-poured in Sydney and it smells of the Aussie bush at sunrise, just after rain.

Boogle Word Game – $20

People who are into this game are really, really into this game.

Under $30

A book, any book

Keep a stash of good books in your drawer, ready to dispense. Some excellent choices by Australian authors this year include:


Finance books: 15 of the best money books to give to your mates

99 Cats and a Dog cluster puzzle – $29.99

Something a bit different for the puzzle enthusiasts in your life. A cluster puzzle is like a jigsaw puzzle without the edges.

Under $40

Men’s Leather Credit Card Wallet – $39.99

A slimline wallet they’ll be able to fit all their cards in. Does anyone actually carry cash around anymore? Maybe only those doing the ‘cash in envelopes’ budgeting method!

Women’s Leather Credit Card Wallet – $39.99

See above, but styled for women. I actually prefer the men’s version and I’m a woman, so you never know…

Handy bedside pocket – $34

I don’t know a single soul who wouldn’t think this gift was essential the minute they received it. So that’s a winner for the present drawer, right?

Under $50

Cards Against Humanity – $49.99

It’s offensive and sweary, but boy is it fun. If your gift recipient hasn’t got a box of their own, this is the perfect las minute gift.

Sunnylife Wooden Backgammon Set – $50

Basically because having a game of backgammon with someone is an awesome way to bond. It’s easy to learn.

Brown leather A5 journal – $49.99

A lovely genuine leather journal with wrap-around strap. Not just for travels, but definitely for any of your wordsmith friends.

Wooden ring toss game – $49.99

A classic game that’s been played for decades.