30 ways to make both environment and money savings
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30 ways going green is good for the green

- January 12, 2022 9 MIN READ

Turns out that saving the environment and money are one and the same. Living a more sustainable lifestyle often means going back to basics. Doing things ‘the way grandma did them’ is good for the planet, and it turns out it’s good for your savings as well. That’s because making the eco-friendly choice to reuse,… Read more »

Things to never buy new - a dog
Your Money

6 things you should never buy new

- January 11, 2022 3 MIN READ

No matter how nice the idea of buying something new is, there are some things you should just never buy new. The easiest way to save money is to not spend it. Which is easier said than done, of course. However, there’s one way to make it a breeze and that’s to have a few… Read more »