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Tax reform

- March 2, 2016 4 MIN READ

Now that the dust has settled around the feet of Malcolm Turnbull and his dramatic entrance into the Prime Ministership, the focus has shifted to what is sure to be a key plank of the next election, tax reform. It’s a touchy issue which politicians have talked about for years but never really delivered for… Read more »

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Credit Rating

- January 27, 2016 4 MIN READ

If you’ve ever been really late in paying a bill or defaulted on a loan, then chances are it has been recorded on personal credit rating. And while you may not think too much of it, you can be sure that every financial institution in the country takes it very seriously. So when the day… Read more »

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Estate Planning kids

- November 25, 2015 3 MIN READ

Where there’s a will, there’s a relative… and a way to fight over it. That’s the unfortunate story of so many estates these days, where families fall out and even end up trading legal blows to settle the finances of a parent who has passed away. It’s not just the rich families squabbling either. However… Read more »

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Identify theft

- November 18, 2015 4 MIN READ

Technology is so much a part of our lives we take it for granted its power and ability to rip us off. We Instagram, tweet, share and update our statuses more than ever before. It’s fun, informative and helps stay in touch with family and friends. Unfortunately, it also makes us sitting ducks for identity… Read more »

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Super lump sum V pension

- November 11, 2015 3 MIN READ

During most of your working life you’re encouraged to think about retirement. Constantly reminded about whether you’re putting enough away to maintain your current lifestyle. Threats of pending poverty if you don’t contribute enough. Retirement planning calculators are great to get a general feel for the amount you’ll need to fund your lifestyle, and professional… Read more »

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Superannuation & Share dive

- August 25, 2015 3 MIN READ

Every working Australian is invested in the sharemarket… through their superannuation. As global sharemarkets tank and the doomsayers predict another Global Financial Crisis, you just need to… stay alert, not alarmed. Investment history tells us this is always the best time to BUY shares, not sell them. In times like this, you have to remember… Read more »