How to make better financial decisions
Your Money

3 strategies to help you make better financial decisions

- October 21, 2021 4 MIN READ

It’s ridiculously easy to get stuck in metaphorical quicksand when making financial decisions. To help us out, financial adviser Andrew Dunbar shares a reliable framework to guide the process. Ever notice yourself spending more time on trivial decisions than you do on the significant ones? You’re not alone. It’s often called ‘decision quicksand’, as these small… Read more »

Kick-ass money strategy formula
Your Money

A simple formula for a kick-ass money strategy

- October 4, 2021 3 MIN READ

It’s time to really think about your money strategy and what you can do to get ahead. It might be sorting out your cashflow, setting up an investment plan, buying property, clearing debts, or saving for your next big holiday. Whatever your plans are, how you set up your money strategy will impact on how… Read more »

Develop a healthy money mindset
Your Life

How to fix your money mindset

- September 6, 2021 3 MIN READ

Creating a healthy money mindset comes from first understanding and developing a good relationship with money. It’s not something that we often take the time to do, but if you sit down and trace back where your money habits first come from, you’ll have a much better understanding of where you’re heading financially. To start… Read more »