The Swiftie guide to managing money
Your Money

The Swiftie guide to good money habits

- May 3, 2024 4 MIN READ

Kochie embraces his inner teen with this Swiftie guide to money – everything teens need to do to get on top of their finances and stay there. If you have trouble communicating with your teenage or adult children about good money management strategies, I’m here to help. Use Taylor Swift as inspiration. Get them to… Read more »

Getting the best deal on your mobile phone
Your Life

Getting the best deal on your mobile phone

- September 9, 2021 3 MIN READ

We all need one, but getting the best deal on your mobile phone isn’t always easy. In most households, mobile phones are a big hit on the budget every month. There’s the cost of the phone itself, your phone plan and the accessories… Actually, if you have teens, the phone accessories are probably your biggest… Read more »

Pocket money rules for kids
Your Life

5 pocket money rules that will start the kids off right

- August 31, 2021 3 MIN READ

It’s not the amount of pocket money that matters, but the way it’s used. A few pocket money rules now will teach kids money lessons they will benefit from forever. Financial knowledge is the true value of pocket money. We followed these rules for own children and now we implement them for our grandchildren. Thankfully their parents… Read more »