Investment bubble

How to avoid being caught in an investment bubble

- March 22, 2022 3 MIN READ

They are the investment phenomenon which makes a person’s wildest financial dreams come true and then instantly shatters them. Investment bubbles have been inflating and bursting for hundreds of years. The wild ride of the gold price and the value of Bitcoin over the last few years is a timely reminder that while asset price… Read more »

Positives of a recession

3 positive effects of a recession

- February 9, 2022 3 MIN READ

Calm the farm, we’re not saying there’s going to be a recession (although the media does love a headline). But if we were to have one, it could be a positive thing. Here’s how. Recession, recession, recession. These words are being shouted across media headlines and newspapers around the world as we deal with the… Read more »

Where to invest if you're risk averse
Your Money

Where to put your money if you’re risk averse

- February 9, 2022 4 MIN READ

If you’re risk averse, investing can feel very overwhelming – but if you pick the right investments, it doesn’t have to stress you out. One of the highlights of my day is hosting The Call at midday AEDT on Viewers send in shares they want an opinion on and I put those suggestions to an… Read more »

5 sharemarket lessons
Your Money

5 things to remember about the sharemarket

- November 4, 2021 3 MIN READ

Learning the big sharemarket lessons needn’t cost you your savings. On any given day, week or month, share prices are affected by variables that are outside an investor’s control. When those variables make the sharemarket go up, we celebrate. But when things are down, many panic and start offloading their shares in an attempt to… Read more »

Crash watchlist

Crash watchlist: stocks to buy if we get a pullback

- October 15, 2021 3 MIN READ

The volatility of global sharemarkets prompted me to ask sharemarket gurus for the stocks on their crash watchlist. I’m really lucky because every weekday on my Ausbiz program, The Call, I get to pick the brains of the best sharemarket analysts in the country. Like me, they are all a bit wary of the volatility… Read more »

What is a market pullback
Your Money

3 stocks to buy in a market pullback

- September 24, 2021 2 MIN READ

This week’s steep sell-off in global sharemarkets is a good reminder to have a shopping list ready of Australian stocks you’d buy in a market pullback. What’s a market pullback? A market pullback is a temporary pause or dip in an asset’s overall trend. It’s when a share price that’s being going up, pauses or… Read more »