Currency hedging - to hedge or not to hedge
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Sharemarket 101: To hedge or not to hedge?

- January 24, 2022 3 MIN READ

Currency hedging can protect you against movements in exchange rates, but is it always a good idea? When you invest globally you are not only exposed to the risk of the investment, you are also exposed to exchange rate risk. That is, the risk that the currency you purchase the asset in (e.g. British Pounds)… Read more »

Infrastructure investing right for you
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Sharemarket 101: What is infrastructure investing?

- November 1, 2021 2 MIN READ

Infrastructure investing provides attractive opportunities to investors looking beyond traditional asset classes to diversify their holdings. Investing in infrastructure means you’re putting money into companies that own and operate essential public assets. These assets are usually necessary services to the community and include the following: Toll Roads Railways Airports Ports Water and electricity supply Communication… Read more »

What is dollar cost averaging
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Sharemarket 101: What is dollar cost averaging?

- October 25, 2021 2 MIN READ

In a nutshell, dollar cost averaging is an  investment strategy that can minimise your risk.  When it comes to trading shares, the old adage of buy low sell high seems to make perfect sense. But no one can predict the future and even investment professionals struggle to time the market correctly.  As for everyday investors,… Read more »

Stockmarket jargon
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Sharemarket 101: Breaking down the sharemarket jargon

- September 28, 2021 16 MIN READ

You’re pretty sure you want to start investing, but it all feels complicated and confusing. In today’s Sharemarket 101 lesson, we translate the sharemarket jargon to help you feel more at ease. Sharemarket jargon is up there with mortgage jargon and real estate talk. Actually, sharemarket jargon is probably on a podium all on its… Read more »