Sharemarket wobbles

Are the sharemarket wobbles anything to worry about?

- April 19, 2024 2 MIN READ

It seems the International Monetary Fund shares my uncertainty around the sharemarket. Earlier this month when the Australian sharemarket touched a record high I admitted I was nervous. Was it “peak greed”, with markets getting too hot on the back of irrational optimism? On Wednesday the International Monetary Fund shared my uncertainty. I’m old enough… Read more »

Beware the commodity cycle

Beware the commodity cycle

- January 12, 2024 3 MIN READ

Investing for the long term is all about getting the trend right. While the Australian sharemarket finished 2023 at near a record high (and who would have predicted that at the start of the year… or even as recently as October), this chart from one of my favourite analysts Carl Capolingua shows it is part… Read more »

Profit reporting season is here
Your Money

What the latest profit reporting season tells us about Australian listed companies

- September 8, 2023 3 MIN READ

Yet another fast and furious profit reporting season is over. We get bombarded with so much information that it’s pretty hard to get perspective on what actually happened. That’s why I always look forward to CommSec’s wrap up of reporting season to provide the overview. Here’s summary of CommSec’s key takeaways from this year. Aggregate… Read more »

Aussie dollar drops

Aussie dollar drops to a nine-month low

- August 25, 2023 2 MIN READ

The Aussie dollar has dropped sharply to a nine-month low and that impacts everyone. Our Australian dollar has dropped sharply over the last couple of weeks to a nine-month low. And the fact that our interest rate cycle is peaking while other countries are still raising rates is also dampening the value of the Aussie… Read more »

ASX winners and losers 2023 financial year
Your Money

Sharemarket winners and losers of last financial year

- July 7, 2023 2 MIN READ

Raging inflation, massive increases in interest rates, the global economy weakening… and the ASX-200 share index went up 10.14 per cent. Who would have thought?  With so much doom and gloom around, share investors well and truly beat inflation and interest rate returns. I love a good dose of perspective. But remember this is the… Read more »