How to stop overspending
Your Money

3 simple tips to stop overspending

- May 3, 2021 3 MIN READ

Did you see the Your Money in a Minute segment on this week’s show? Glen James, retired financial adviser and founder of My Millennial Money outlined his top tips to stop overspending and they’re good ones. Watch this quick segment and read on to find out more. 1. Set timeframes for different money thresholds As… Read more »

Your Money

How to make your wealth last a lifetime

- March 22, 2021 4 MIN READ

It’s one of those financial nightmares we all hope doesn’t come true… running out of money in retirement. Outliving your wealth adds an unwelcome level of stress at a time when you’re financially vulnerable. Without a regular income stream from a wage, and limited employment opportunities, it is near impossible to rebuild if you run… Read more »

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Investment tips: 13 golden rules of share investing

- August 23, 2019 3 MIN READ

What a wild couple of weeks it has been on global share markets. From investors spooked by everything from the China/US trade dispute and Central Bank interest movements to inverted yield curves and currency wars. I reckon it’s a good time for a refresher course on the golden rules of share investing. No matter how… Read more »