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The Call’s 2021 fantasy portfolio delivered the goods

- July 6, 2021 2 MIN READ
The Call's 2021 share portfolio

Every weekday 12-1pm AEDT on Ausbiz I host The Call. During each program, we analyse 10 stocks suggested by viewers, which are reviewed by two sharemarket experts: buy hold or sell?

I just love hosting this show and the experts we have on are just so knowledgeable.

As a bit of fun, since 1 July last year we’ve put into a fantasy portfolio any of the 10 stocks each day that get a Buy recommendation from both experts. We then track the performance of The Call Portfolio.

The Call Portfolio

If a company comes up for judgement in a future edition of The Call and it doesn’t get a unanimous Buy recommendation from those experts, then it’s out of the portfolio.

So it’s an actively managed portfolio and the performance over the 2020/2021 financial year has been pretty impressive.

On a total return basis, including dividends and special payments, The Call Portfolio was up 34.58 per cent for the year. That’s almost eight per cent better than the general market. On the dividend front, around 2.3 per cent was paid into our pockets over the year.

Now what you’ve all been waiting for I’m sure: the stars and the duds in the portfolio.

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Stars and duds

Starting with the leaders, the best performers were software company Whispr and streetwear and skateboard group Globe International.

Market darling Afterpay was also one of the stars, as were Webjet, Betmakers and Credit Corp.

As for the duds, Avita Medicals the worst followed by Appen and Nuix. Rounding out the bottom contributors we’ve got Insurance Australia Group, Aurizon holdings and IPD education, to name a few.

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Sector by sector

Breaking it down sector by sector, the majority of our portfolio is made up of ETFs, LICs and other assets that aren’t individual listed companies – comprising some 22.7 per cent.

That category was followed closely by Materials sector, sitting at 14.7 per cent of the total holdings.

Our best performing sector when compared to the broader index was Info Tech, with a total return in our portfolio of nearly 120 per cent!

The broader index only got 38.7 per cent.

We do have to flag our shortcomings though, as it’s all about balance. Our worst performing sector (and our biggest holdings) was the Materials sector. It produced only 9.6 per cent total return compared to the broader index return of 32.4 per cent.

Have a closer look at what’s in the portfolio here.