Maximise your tax return 2021 Australia
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Tips and tricks to maximise your tax return

- June 7, 2021 8 MIN READ

Millions of Australians are missing out on legitimate tax deductions every year. To maximise your tax return you need to research exactly what you can and can’t claim for your specific income streams. Getting savvy about what you can claim on your tax return means you’ll receive back the full amount you’re entitled to. It’s… Read more »

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Australian retirees are missing out on $21 billion in lost and unclaimed super

- November 15, 2019 2 MIN READ

Lots of people worried about how they’ll pay for their retirement may not realise they already have a substantial nest egg they’ve simply misplaced. New Australian Taxation Office (ATO) data reveals more than $20.8 billion worth of superannuation sits in lost or unclaimed accounts. The ATO is keen to reunite people with their money and has… Read more »

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$20k for ‘raising twins’, dental expenses for a ‘nice smile’ and a Lego set among claims rejected by ATO

- July 31, 2019 2 MIN READ

As part of their annual tax refund, around 700,000 taxpayers claimed almost $2 billion of ‘other’ expenses including non-allowable items such as dental costs, child care, private vehicles and even Lego sets.  One particularly charitable taxpayer tried to claim for a car purchased as a gift for their mother. While the ATO appreciated the sentiment,… Read more »