How property has changed post Covid
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How property has changed post-COVID

- March 15, 2024 4 MIN READ

Looking back it is hard to comprehend the way COVID stopped the world and its impact is still affecting many people, industries and the investment sector.  CoreLogic has produced a report on the most significant property trends since the pandemic. 1. Housing values have surged since the onset of COVID CoreLogic’s national Home Value Index… Read more »

It's a good time to buy an investment property

It’s a great time to be a property investor

- January 19, 2024 4 MIN READ

I’ve said this many times before, landlords are not the bad guys in this current rental crisis. In fact, an important part of the solution to the crisis is to encourage more people to be a property investor rather than malign them. The crisis will be solved by Government building more low-cost rental housing, encouraging… Read more »

The real impact of migration on Australia
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The real impact of our record migration numbers

- November 10, 2023 2 MIN READ

Over the last couple of months I’ve been talking about the impact of Australia’s record migration levels on the housing and rental markets.  This week I received a fascinating report from CoreLogic’s Head of Research, Eliza Owen, who had five key insights about overseas migration and the housing market: 1. Migrant housing demand skews toward… Read more »