Teaching financial literacy in schools
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Let’s do something about financial literacy

- July 19, 2024 3 MIN READ

School is supposed to equip our kids for life, and yet financial literacy is not a compulsory subject. Is it tine we changed the school curriculum to include it?  It is a common concern that Aussie kids aren’t learning anywhere near enough about personal finances, with most Aussies receiving little to no money education at… Read more »

Dashcam may reduce your car insurance premiums
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A good hack to bring your car insurance premiums down

- February 23, 2024 2 MIN READ

You may already have what you need to bring your car insurance premiums down an average of 4.15 per cent. Usually, small black boxes are associated with expensive rings, but what if one that many drivers already have could be saving you money instead? Car insurance comparison website Compare the Market (where I am Economic… Read more »

Aussie savings drying up fast
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Our record savings cushion is drying up fast

- August 25, 2023 3 MIN READ

Australian household savings rates have reached lows not seen for more than 15 years. Australians built a huge savings war chest during COVID (lockdowns prevented us going out and spending) which has helped us fight inflation and rising mortgage repayments. We’ve dipped into our savings to cover the cost increases and still maintain our spending.… Read more »

Aussie dollar drops

Aussie dollar drops to a nine-month low

- August 25, 2023 2 MIN READ

The Aussie dollar has dropped sharply to a nine-month low and that impacts everyone. Our Australian dollar has dropped sharply over the last couple of weeks to a nine-month low. And the fact that our interest rate cycle is peaking while other countries are still raising rates is also dampening the value of the Aussie… Read more »

Don't keep savings in a transaction account
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DO NOT keep savings in a transaction account

- February 10, 2023 3 MIN READ

Yes, loan interest rates are going up, but so is interest paid on savings accounts. Granted many banks haven’t lifted savings rates at the same pace as loan rates, but many have. I was stunned by a survey from research group Finder which found more than 1 in 2 Aussies (53 per cent) are still… Read more »

How to be a savvier saver
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Here’s how to become a savvier saver

- August 5, 2022 3 MIN READ

There are many things you can do to become a savvier saver, starting with demanding a better rate. Research by RateCity shows complacent savers are potentially missing out on hundreds of dollars in interest, as the gap widens between some of the highest and lowest savings rates on the back of the RBA hikes. The… Read more »