Arguments over money

Arguments over money could be gender-based

- March 25, 2022 3 MIN READ

Studies have shown that arguments over money rank highly as one of the top reasons for divorce, second only to affairs and infidelity. New research by online trading brokerage firm Global Prime suggests that those arguments over money may be rooted in gender. The study found that men and women may be driven by different… Read more »

Financial hardship and domestic violence
Your Life

Young Australian women in financial hardship are up to 3x more likely to experience domestic violence

- September 7, 2021 4 MIN READ

New research undertaken for this week’s National Summit on Women’s Safety finds violence and unwanted sexual activity are far more common among young women experiencing financial hardship than women who are not. By Alice Campbell, The University of Queensland and Janeen Baxter, The University of Queensland It comes as the federal government has denied Australians… Read more »