Is Australia heading into an economic recession?

Are we heading into an economic recession?

- June 9, 2023 3 MIN READ

I reckon the chances of Australia going into economic recession have increased significantly because of Tuesday’s rise in interest rates — caused by Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers. Why? I remember back in 1990 when then Federal Treasurer Paul Keating said the economic crunch was “the recession we had to have”. Current Treasurer Jim Chalmers is… Read more »

Positives of a recession

3 positive effects of a recession

- February 9, 2022 3 MIN READ

Calm the farm, we’re not saying there’s going to be a recession (although the media does love a headline). But if we were to have one, it could be a positive thing. Here’s how. Recession, recession, recession. These words are being shouted across media headlines and newspapers around the world as we deal with the… Read more »