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A property for under $500,000 or a rental under $500 a week? Yes, they do exist

- October 27, 2023 2 MIN READ
A property for under $500K

With our cheapest capital cities, Adelaide and Perth, now recording the strongest growth in prices over the past 12 months, is there anywhere you can still find a cheap home?

Looking at homes priced under $500,000, the answer is that it is becoming far less likely, particularly for houses.

But, according to Ray White chief economist Nerida Conisbee, there are still places you can look.

In 2002, almost all houses and apartments sold in Australia were priced under $500,000. Fast forward to 2015 and just half were sold at this price. Over the past 12 months, the proportion hit an all-time low with less than a quarter of houses now sold for under $500,000. The situation is slightly better for units with 39 per cent sold for under $500,000.

Number of low priced homes continues to fall

Not surprisingly, finding a cheap home in our capital cities is even more difficult. Over the past 12 months, less than 10 per cent of all properties (including houses and units) sold for less than $500,000 in Sydney. Canberra’s rapid building program has meant that the proportion of apartments sold under $500,000 drastically exceeds the number of houses sold under this price point.

Affordability is better in regional Australia, although finding a low-priced home in regional NSW is getting particularly difficult. Well under a third of all properties are now priced under $500,000.

While it is getting a lot harder to find cheaper homes, there are places to look and things to buy.

The most obvious is to buy an apartment. While just 24 per cent of houses sold were priced under $500,000, that proportion increases to 39 per cent for apartments.

Although Darwin and Perth don’t have many apartments, they are generally low priced with more than two thirds priced under $500,000. Similarly regional areas of South Australia and Western Australia have very few apartments, but those that are there are very low priced.

Proportion of homes sold under $500K

While the number of properties selling for under $500,000 is rapidly diminishing, so are the are the number of properties available for rent for under $500 a week.

You just need to see how rents have become a major inflation driver to know they are skyrocketing quickly.

Property research group, CoreLogic, have trawled the current rental offerings and come up with the best suburbs within a 20km radius of a capital city CBD.

The cheapest median rents in Australia